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SOS Stickers

Blemish Patches

Don’t pop it, patch it! This hydrocolloid patch removes impurities and reduces the appearance of blemishes overnight.

True to our co-creation thesis, we only begin creating products once KIKI members have finished voting!

This product will be ready to ship within the next couple of months. Pre-order now and we will notify you as soon as it ships!

Color: Bolt
NFC Scan
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Protects against bacteria & other environmental aggressors.

Remove Impurities

Gently extracts the gunk out of blemishes.

Perfectly Shaped

Comfortably crafted to flex with every expression.

You Vote, We Create

Vote for your favorite unique shape and graphic.

Holo There

The perfect acne-sessory! So cute you’ll flaunt ‘em in public.

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Quick Stick

Sticks on, stays put. These easy-to-use patches peel off of the packaging and adhere to skin
in seconds.