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Pretty Nail Graffiti PNG

Peel Off / Play On

Our unique peel-off nail polish is made to give everyone the flexibility to change up their look whenever, wherever.

Color: Pearl
8.5ml / 0.28 fl oz.
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How It Works

So Mani Benefits

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Peel & Reveal

Endless Expression
Switch up your style in seconds simply by peeling off the polish. No nail polish remover required and zero risk of damage to the nails.

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Polish-Preserve Packaging

The circular-designed click applicator pen keeps the formula fresh until it’s completely used up and ready to be refilled.

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Dries Quick + Looks Sick

Quick-drying formula allows for easy, on-the-go application with no wait time.

How To Use

Click to start

Ready for a nail revolution? Let’s start at step one––click your PNG pen to activate your polish. Prepare for the ultimate self-expression, at your fingertips.


What They Say

The best part of the product has to be how easy it is to use.
Since it comes in a clickable pen, it's way simpler to hold and control than traditional nail polish, allowing for a much more user-friendly experience. If you're anything like me and always managing to get nail polish all over your nail beds, trust me when I say you won't be able to screw this up.

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