The KiKi-ball is designed and crafted by artist Joachim Sefzick, inspired by Kiki, the playful, adventurous and cute family cat. Like most cats, Kiki loves to sit at the top of book shelves and wardrobes and observe family activities from above. She loves to hide in any little space she can get into, a hide and seek game that got us sometimes worried. To give Kiki the same, but safer experience the KiKi-ball was created.

Kiki loves spending time in her ball, where she plays, sleeps, kneads and stretches, while observing family activity from above, sharing a heart melting eye kiss every now and then, cute!!!

KiKi-ball is made opened on both sides or closed at the back to create a cosy, hiding space ideal if you plan to place your KKiKi-ball in a corner.

Both balls are offered with either the hanging feature or with a stand, depending on whether your lovely cat likes to look at things from above or stay on the ground.